Chroma-Lift (Set #2)

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Chroma-Lift is a pure pigment powder. When mixed with water or Medium, it has many uses, opaque or translucent. From detailing, brightening or intensifying powdered enamels, altering white outline products, underglazes, to finger painting on your glass projects.

Set #2 includes 0.5oz (+/-) of the following colors:

  • Cinnamon (CL#300)
  • Hickory Brown (CL#301)
  • Lilac (CL#501)
  • Lapis Blue (CL#502)
  • Azure (CL#503)
  • Carnation Pink (CL#600)
  • Chili Pepper Red (CL#615)
  • Sun Yellow (CL#705)

Chroma-Lift must be capped with either clear glass or clear sifted powder. Any pigment not in immediate contact with glass is at risk of being wiped off after firing.